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Método Flyght

The Flyght method is a guide to the path of well-being, based on the balance that is produced by working with awareness of 4 of the most important areas of the human being: Body, mind, spirit, and emotions, within a community of diverse specialists and people. that feed off each other.

We understand that each person is UNIQUE AND WITH THEIR OWN WILL. The path of each one is particular in terms of types of activities and the recommended frequency, for that reason…. We have given ourselves the task of GATHERING IN ONE PLACE recognized professionals in the care and development of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit in order to offer an integrated solution in the search for balance.

Regardless of the situation, you are going through, there is a way to approach it that will help you understand and learn from it, feeling better as you follow the steps.

"Achieving and sustaining a sense of well-being in your life is not an easy path, but we can make it lighter and more fun" - Flyght

What makes it unique?

  • The feeling of well-being is accelerated by integrating the work of the 4 most important dimensions of well-being.

  • It is personalized and guided.

  • All in a single work agenda.

  • We put at your disposal accelerators on the path of self-knowledge.

What dimensions of well-being do we work on in the Flyght Method?

BODY – Physical well-being

Develop the appropriate physical capacity to respond to the various challenges of your daily activity, with personalized attention and the privacy of a studio.

  • Flexibility

  • Weight

  • toning

  • Drain - Detoxify

  • Feeding

  • Sexuality

  • Beauty – Aging

And will we work the body during the method?

With Yoga and Conscious Nutrition

MIND – Psychological well-being

Strengthen your knowledge and get inspired through experiences that challenge the status quo and motivate you to start the path to personal self-realization.

  • To learn

  • Focus

  • enhance

  • To understand

  • self-improvement

  • Beliefs and Behavior Patterns

And how will we work it during the method?

With work on beliefs, forgiveness, and Journaling, dedicating time to knowledge.

EMOTIONS – Emotional well-being

Understand the dynamics of positive and negative emotional states in your daily life. Learn to coexist constructively with the natural flow of positive and negative emotions and discover the formula for your emotional balance. Create an escape, an excuse to laugh and have fun with friends in a safe place for women only.

  • Guilt - forgiveness

  • Love

  • Self-confidence - Limits

  • Sadness

  • Stages of life

  • Fear

  • Share- Loneliness- meet people

  • Joy

  • Gratitude

And how will we work it during the method?

Letting go of grudges, with music, with

SPIRIT – Wellness of the soul

Increases feelings of inner peace and hope for a better future for you and your loved ones, reducing anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. Strengthen your ability to relate with yourself and with others, seeking transcendence, with a clear purpose and meaning for your life.

  • Peace

  • Transcend

  • Awakening / Consciousness / Awareness

  • present moment

  • Personal growth

  • need to give

  • Self-knowledge

And how will we work it during the method?

Meditating and breath work.

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alicia barcelo
alicia barcelo
Sep 26, 2022

Que Regalo tan maravilloso

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