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Corporate Wellness Programs

If you want to increase your teams' productivity and reduce operational costs by improving personal wellness, you have arrived at the right place.

Did you know that according to LifeWorks Mental Health Index...


of employees say they would consider leaving a company that doesn't focus on well-being?


of employees believe their well-being is just as important as their salary?


of employees are more likely to stay in their role if their employer focuses more on wellbeing?

Mental Health is steadily declining...

1 in 3

People are at high risk of Mental Health issues (depression, anxiety, addiction)

4 in 5

Managers are supporting at least one employee with a mental health issue

more than 50%

Of Employees are experiencing burnout

A ticking time bomb...

An average individual battles with a day to day life issues where they desperately need help and improvement, If these issues are not adequately resolved, it will impact their level of proficiency and therefore the company's business sustainability.

But we have a solution! Our Corporate Wellbeing Program will...

Increase Productivity

Boost Engagement

Improve Corporate Climate

We go beyond traditional wellness programs



Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation



Specialized programs of 1-3 days to escape from routine


Wellness Breaks

Lunch and Learn presentations, Activities, Workshop - talks


Healthy Habits

Step-by-step guidance and support to build healthy habits


45 minutes / weekly routines


  • Customized schedules

  • Progressive frequency

  • On-site and Digital

  • Certified teachers

The Flyght Method

30 days of Self-Awareness

An easy step-by-step process to learn, practice and develop the habit of working on yourself

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