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About Us

We believe in personal space, in inner search, and in enriching exchanges...Imagine sharing with friends your favorite activities and topics sprinkled with healthy and delicious food and beverages. Care for innovative yoga and mindfulness techniques, sex, marriage and family talks, singing classes, energy, interior décor, and much more...

An exclusive community of women who value and crave inspiration...All your favorite women's contents, activities, and experiences in one place!

Flyght brings you everything you would ever want and need in one beautiful harmonious space. Everything is planned weekly and monthly to select your favorite activities and reserve your spot ahead of time.

Natalia Dothée

Founder CEO

Before founding Flyght, she spent nearly two decades in marketing, advertising, and public relations, in major beauty, hospitality, and entertainment companies as a Senior Communications Strategist and marketing executive.

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Our Values


...Each person is unique and with his own will.


...As we abandon the ego, we become more compassionate.


...We make transparent our intentions and objectives to build trust.


...We are free to think, to act and to become what we want to be, as long as it does not harm the other.


...The universe works based on the balance between giving and receiving


...Together we are stronger.

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