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Welcome to Flyght Wellness Club, a wellness oasis designed exclusively for women. Founded by Natalia Dothée, Flyght represents the culmination of two decades of experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations, fused with a genuine passion for personal empowerment and growth.

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Natalia Dothée
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At Flyght Wellness Club, we believe in the harmony of body, mind, spirit and emotions, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment where our members can explore and develop each of these aspects. Our club is more than a physical space; is a vibrant community where women connect, learn and evolve together.

Our programs are meticulously designed to nurture holistic well-being, combining ancient and modern techniques of meditation, yoga, mindful nutrition and fitness, all in a welcoming and stimulating environment. We strive to offer experiences that not only rejuvenate the body but also enlighten the mind and soul, helping our members achieve their wellness goals on a transformative and sustained journey.

Alicia Barceló
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Flyght's vision focuses on creating an ecosystem of wellness where every woman can find her own path to a fuller, more conscious life. We are committed to providing exceptional service, high-quality programs, and a safe, empowering space for all women.

Join Flyght Wellness Club and start your journey towards comprehensive well-being. Discover the strength, peace and joy found in balance and live life to the fullest, every day.

Our Values


...Each person is unique and with his own will.


...As we abandon the ego, we become more compassionate.


...We make transparent our intentions and objectives to build trust.


...We are free to think, to act and to become what we want to be, as long as it does not harm the other.


...The universe works based on the balance between giving and receiving


...Together we are stronger.

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