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Why breathe consciously

We are born with our first breath, we live because we are able to breathe, and we die when we can no longer do so. Therefore it is breathing that marks the beginning and end of human life. Our breathing is something that accompanies us every day in this journey through life and we take it for granted that it is something that we will always have.

This is the reason why in our corporate wellness program, we dedicate a few minutes a day to value the fact of breathing, learn to breathe, and use this vital function in its optimal ways, to promote our health and well-being.

Inhaling allows us to oxygenate every cell in our body and exhaling detoxifies it.

When we take deep and conscious breaths, the full potential of our lungs activates the brain and detoxifies our entire body.

Although there are very few times that we stop to think about how we breathe, it is extremely important that during these 21 days, each breath is filled with awareness and good energy, with a good attitude and the desire to discover firsthand the benefits of breathing present and with purpose.

There are different breathing techniques that allow us to activate different benefits for our body:

  • Deep Breathing to regulate stress and anxiety.

  • Breathe to eliminate toxins, BREATH OF FIRE.

  • Breathing to decrease sensations of pain.

  • Breathing to improve body posture.

  • Breathing to achieve high levels of concentration.

Tell me how you breathe and I'll tell you how you live!

Remember that breathing is the only thing that will do until your last minute. Make it aware and take care of it!

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