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Content of the DNA Report

This is the most complete nutrition plan offered by Flyght Wellness Club, as in addition to personalized nutrition and exercise plan recommendations, a personalized weekly program is included exclusively by El Michelangelo del Fitness.

Nutritional sensitivity. Macros and Micro Nutrients based on your AND.

  1. Characteristics of your Metabolism in relation to each type of training.

  2. Cardiovascular and strength and type of intensity based on your DNA.

  3. Genetic characteristics and responses of metabolism to insulin, oxygen consumption, physical and mental predisposition to nutritional and training changes.

  4. Your body's ability to recover from injuries and inflammatory processes.

  5. Personalized and detailed Nutrition Plan Based on your AND.

  6. Menus and preparation guides for each meal related to the needs and characteristics of your DNA.

  7. An exercise training program based on your DNA. (general guide to 5-week exercise routines, which indicates what type of muscle groups you should train daily, as well as the specific minutes for each training session, the intensity of the training; example: Resistance (cardiovascular, either low or medium intensity or HITT type intervals) It is carefully programmed in response to your DNA results, taking into account the type of your muscle fibers, your metabolism and the use of food (Macronutrients, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates)

  8. Prescribed Training routines, designed and supervised by The Michelangelo of Fitness during all 10 weeks of the program. (These routines will be sent weekly by PDF. Apart from the general exercise program issued by the laboratory based on your DNA, 10 training routines designed exercise by exercise and prescribed explicitly for your physical and health condition will be developed in correlation with your DNA results. These routines will be updated and supervised weekly by The Michelangelo of Fitness.

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