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Natalia Dothée

Natalia Dothée

With over 18 years at the helm of multinational marketing, business development, and sales teams, I've crafted impactful strategies and steered innovation. My journey led me to the creation of Flyght Wellness Club, where I've applied these insights into the Flyght Method—a culmination of my professional journey and the shared experiences of those I've worked alongside.

My background gave me a profound grasp of organizational dynamics and the complexities of working in high-stakes environments. This understanding underscored the critical role of comprehensive well-being in achieving both personal and professional fulfillment.

Embracing the wellness space was a reflection of my own growth, fueled by a passion for well-being, mental health, and personal development. Establishing Flyght Wellness Club was a step towards nurturing a sanctuary for holistic balance and wellness.

As its CEO, I blend corporate strategies with well-being innovations to craft a resilient, wellness-centered organization. My ambition is to intertwine corporate excellence and wellness insights, guiding individuals towards a conscious, balanced, and joyful existence.

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