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21 days of Self-Awareness

The Flyght Method

The Flyght method is a guide that gives you the necessary structure and discipline to travel the path of well-being, bringing together in one place the development of integral well-being, so that you can work with awareness and methodology on the 4 most important dimensions of the human being. : 1. Body, 2. Mind. 3. Spirit and 4. Emotions.

What dimensions of Well-being do we work in the Flyght Method?

Flyght Method of Self Awareness with Meditation


We will work with yoga initiation exercises, different breathing methodologies and with the introduction to conscious nutrition.

Flyght Method of Self Awareness


Through experiences that motivate you to start the path of self-knowledge and contribute to your psychological well-being.

emotion dimension of Flyght Method of Self Awareness


Through the increasingly conscious connection of the here and now, you will be able to realize the dynamics of your emotional states in your daily life.

Spirit dimension of Flyght Method of Self Awareness


Through meditation and relaxation we approach the well-being of the soul to increase your feelings of inner peace.

What makes it unique?


It is designed to give you the necessary support and guidance in a close and simple way every day, with individual and group sessions during the 21 days.


The integral work of the 4 most important dimensions of the human being, which enhances the sensation of general well-being. We are part of an integral ALL and as such we must work.


Our expert team recommend a wide variety of proven content, therapies, meditations and exercises by subject for you to feel free to choose and never get bored!


We put at your disposal a range of content and practices that work as "accelerators" for the process of self-knowledge to start to feel the difference after few days of daily practice.

“Alcanzar y sostener la sensación de bienestar en tu vida no es un camino fácil, pero podemos hacerlo más ligero”. Flyght

You determine the level of depth you want to go. They offer you a wide variety of content and exercises from the most basic up to very complex, for more advanced people.

Mike Tolomeo, Prague, Czechia.

They incorporate practices and rituals that helped me find meaning and symbolism in what happened to me on a daily basis.

Adriana Sampaio, Miami, USA

Testimonial 2 Flyght Method of Self Awareness

The Flyght method is a guide to the path of well-being, based on the balance that occurs when working with awareness in 4 of the most important areas of the human being: Body, mind, spirit and emotions, within a community of diverse specialists and people that feed each other

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is a process

What are you going to receive?

  • After payment, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to know more about yourself.

  • You will receive an email with detailed instructions to prepare the beginning of the program.

  • Every morning you will receive an email with information of interest about the program and about the day ahead.

  • During the 1st week, you will have the opportunity to speak with someone from our team of experts to find out how you are doing and to be able to make adjustments in your process if necessary. On the 14th and 21st we will have a group session to support them in the process.


Our App will provide your daily routine. You will not be able to advance to the next day, but you will be able to go back in case you want to review something you have already seen or complete it.

Register now and start your journey towards the discovery of your true self!

Frequently asked questions

  • How much time do I have to dedicate every day?

Los estudios demuestran que la práctica diária de estos ejercicios en 1 hr al día es suficiente para cambiar la frecuencia de vibración de tu energía. Desde el primer día ya comenzarás a sentirte diferente.

  • I will solve my personal issues in 21 days?

Unfortunately NO. This method was designed with the objective of helping people to initiate their personal search for the "cause of issues" that are affecting their quality of life and wellness sensation.

  • Can I continue with the routine after day 21?

Not only you can, but you should! After 21 days of regular implementation of the exercises, a new Self Awareness routine will start to become part of the day to day way of living, helping you to feel better and take the next steps in your personal growth.

  • What might happen if I lose one day?

You will have to start all over again from day 1. Fixing new routines requires a high level of commitment and discipline from the outset. We can help you to keep the motivation and send you friendly reminders if you want, but you must be decided to start changing your quality of life to make it happen in a sustainable matter.

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