21 days of Self-Awareness

If you are feeling that something is NOT OK with your life, and you would like to learn how to start a process of change...

We understand because we've been there too!

We combine the most successful techniques in just 1 hr per day to start transforming your life!

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10 min

Selection of guided meditons of recognized global professionals

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Limiting Beliefs

10 min

Discover those deep-routed limitating ideas about yourself.



10 min

Guided exercises to raise awareness of all the positive things that happen to us.

Respiración de Kundalini Yoga


10 min

Daily practice of breathing exercises to reverse physical stress response in your body.

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Easy to follow recipes and tips to clean and detox your organism, based on your profile.

Diario de papel


10 min

Daily routine to capture learning, monitor progress and evaluate results.

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10 min

A daily routine of guided exercises adapted to your level and needs.

What makes it unique?